FIRE (and other) Podcasts I subscribe to

Although I listen to variety of podcasts recommended on FI blogs and by FI friends, in addition to parenting/ divorce-related ones I have come across. Here is a present list (as of 6/19) of podcast I am subscribed to:

Paula Pant – Afford Anything . Paula‘s motto “You can afford anything, you just can’t afford everything”, sums up her wonderful content. She is an expert on real estate hacking but her podcast focuses more on helping educate her listeners to allow us ‘to live a life of value’, independent of our income level. Plus, she has the best laugh ever!

Farnoosh Torabi’s So Money This prolific podcaster always has interesting guests, from within and outside the FIRE movement. Every time I listen, I learn something new about motivation, goalsetting, and women entrepreneurs.

The Divorce Survival Guide by Kate Anthony. Wowzers – this gal gets down to the heart of things in this ‘pro-co-parenting, cut out the BS, get on with your awesome life’ series. I often keep episodes to listen back to (and who has time for that? But they are THAT good!!). She self-discloses just enough so you know she is going through the same struggles as we are, but gives plenty of time to her hosts who have very valuable advice. And keeps things positive to boot – very refreshing!

Motherhood Sessions by Dr Alexandra Sacks. Fascinating episodes in which you ‘listen in’ on a therapy session with moms who are struggling with issues related to raising munchkins. The host, a psychiatrist by training but an insightful therapist too, pulls out relevant details to help these gals come to some positive conclusions about surviving all things mothering.

By the Book with hilarious and empowering co-hosts Jolenta Greenberg and Kristen Meinzer. These ladies chose a self help book, live by the principles for 2 weeks, and report back on their adventures. I have rarely laughed so hard listening to a podcast as I did when I listened to the episode entitled ‘Pantsdrunk’. They even did an episodes on ‘The 9 steps to Financial Freedom’ – the results were mixed…

Like a Mother – Single, millionaire mama Emma Johnston hosts this direct, entertaining weekly (less often recently) ‘cast. Although I find she gives more advice on the single lifestyle and parenting, she has some good topics about women and FI. More lighthearted than other FI podcasts, but she is down to earth, has a wealth (Ha!) of knowledge , and is a welcome fellow ‘co-parenter’ on this journey.

Her Money by Jean Chatzky- Interesting interviews with women (and men) who give wise counsel about managing finances and leading one’s ‘best life’. The host has had a long career in the financial industry and has good solid knowledge to share. Plus, with a name like Chatzky, you know she’s a good podcaster!

Hippocratic hustle – Host Dr. Carrie Reynolds is a welcome woman’s voice from the medical world. She interviews other docs, offering some good insight for nurses into achieving FI – I especially like her series on working Locums, something I know can financially benefit nurses greatly. She also does a ‘Friends Talk Finance’ series with Dr. Bonnie Lee MD  who is a riot.

MadFientist  – Enough though the episodes are less frequent, this podcast has incredible content. He is a thoughtful, thorough interviewer of folks who have achieved FIRE – and how we can too! He is also one of the few podcasters whose website I frequently refer to – he has a ‘lab’ (get it – madFIentist…) with his own spreadsheets and calculators he has made public to help track your path to FI.

ChooseFI – The only podcast I cannot listen to on double speed – there is just too much detailed, awesome content in their interviews! Co-hosts Brad (a former pharmacist) and Jonathon (a CPA) delve deep into capital gains harvesting, tax-free living, and sidehustle entrepreneurship. They also talk about veganism….so something for everyone! They are all about ‘actionable’ (read practical) tips for their listeners, which I appreciate. Great podcast for keeping on target as you work toward FI goals.

The Stacking Benjamin’s show – Joe and ‘OG’ host this one, and play off of each other so brilliantly – they keep me laughing (and thinking!) long after the episode ends. Their tagline (‘You will learn nothing in this podcast!’) belies OG’s solid financial knowledge and Joe’s spot-on interviewing skills. They go deep into broader economic topics I don’t hear elsewhere. I especially love their lighthearted discussions about stock market volatility and their advice to ‘hug the bear’ during market downs. They also do a good job interviewing and supporting a diverse group of bloggers in the FIRE movement. Plus, they play some awesome salsa music!

The White Coat Investor– Dr. Jim Dahle is a direct, knowledgeable host who targets high-income earners (MDs, lawyers, etc) but I feel that his experience in the medical field brings up some interesting topics for nurses as well. His advice to docs to ‘live as a resident’ once they have a paying salary has some relevance to us nurses – continuing to live as nursing students after we get our first paying job will set us up on a solid course to FIRE. I love his idea of hiring his kids to model for pictures on his website, paying them the going rate, in order to start Roth-IRAs for them –brilliant kid hack!. His adage ‘One house, one spouse, one job” as the best way to reach fire is sound advice, even if I’m breaking all the rules!

Please leave your favorites below!

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