5 Ways Great Wolf Lodge is better than Disneyland

I have three kids, so this is quite a top topic in our household.


  1. GWL is a 3 Hour drive from my house. Disneyland is a several hour flight, alone, with three kids…You get my point…The close distance also allows us to bring an extra friend or two.
  2. My kids love it – they have a cozy, tiny room inside a regular size hotel room with bunkbeds with their own TV– something they don’t have at home (the TV, not the cozy rooms…their rooms are super cozy..READ SMALL!!) and the price of the room includes unlimited time at the water park.
  3. They get lots of physical activity, their quota of really bad fast food, and tons of TV time. (Ok – I guess we could do that at Disney…)
  4.  get my time in the lazy river – hours of it –and the joy of seeing my children happy for two days straight. And for approximately two weeks leading up to it – and for two weeks afterwards – it’s about the only thing they can talk about.
  5. My kids have the choice between having a big ole ‘friends party’ at home, or going to GWL. I’ve priced it out and GWL is cheaper (yes, I tend to go overboard with birthday parties at home…It’s fun for everyone, except me). For the past 2 years, 2 kids have chosen GWL – my 12-year old daughter still prefers her ‘home’ parties (I am REALLY hoping this changes in adolescence!!)

Who needs Disney? I have come to realize that children need very simple things in life. Well, GWL is not a stellar example – it’s the big holiday splurge once a year my kids get to choose. But being together as a family is a value of ours and I am glad we can do that – and one day maybe I can figure out all the cool travel hacks to make Disney free and justify that trip to sunny Florida!

Any thoughts? Please join the discussion below…

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