Conference Speaker

I probably listened to a dozen FI podcasts about side hustles before I realize that I actually had one! In 2017 and 2018 I presented at the American Association of Nurse Practitioners national conferences in Philadelphia and in Denver. I was compensated for both but in Denver I presented twice (albeit the same exact presentation) so I was offered transportation, a hotel room, a perdiem and a $500 ‘honorarium’ – just to talk about what I do every day! My topic was the integration of mental health interventions in a primary care visit. This is something we talk about often in out-patient medicine, but have few concrete examples of in action.

I plan to continue this side hustle as long as they will have me – not only because I believe in how powerful sharing these techniques can be, but mainly because I got an all-expenses-paid trip and five days away from my kids 🙂 Plus, I can put it on my resume – right next to my Nobel peace prize..

Any thoughts? Please join the discussion below…

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